where to watch the UFC 197 Kodi

where to watch the UFC 197 Kodi

UFC 197 battle card will air later tonight (Sat., April 23, 2016) on two diverse stations – FOX Sports 1 and pay-per-view (PPV) – and online by means of “Battle Pass” advanced system. UFC 197’s “Prelims” undercard will start at 6:30 p.m. online by means of “Battle Pass” before transitioning to the FOX Sports 1 TV slot at 8 p.m. ET.


For additional on how and where to watch the UFC 197 Kodi “Prelims” undercard in your general vicinity click here.

Once the UFC 197 undercard is finished, the activity will get on PPV at 10 p.m. ET, beginning with a fight between Featherweight up-and-comers Yair Rodriguez versus Andre Fili. At that point it’s a significant Middleweight match up between surging The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): “Crushes” victor, Robert Whittaker, tackling super hot Rafael Natal. What’s more, third from the highest point of the PPV bill is an outstanding striking fight between top-positioned Lightweight gifts, Anthony Pettis and Edson Barboza, both of whom are inspired to re-touch off their title shots.

Driving the charge is maybe the best UFC warrior ever, Jon Jones, who will come back from a tumultuous 18-month cutback trying to get a tad bit of what he lost when he crashes into Ovince Saint Preux for the between time Light Heavyweight crown. Not to beaten, prevailing Flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson, will hope to safeguard his title for the eighth time to the detriment of Olympic wrestling star, Henry Cejudo, in the PPV co-headliner of the night.

It’s not precisely what battle fans needed with Preux filling in for harmed 205-pound champion, Daniel Cormier, on short notice, yet it will more than likely be fun while it keeps going.

UFC 197: “Jones versus Holy person Preux” will cost $59.99 to watch on PPV (rejections may, and regularly do, make a difference in light of geographic area).

Most Common UFC 197 PPV (Inter)National Programming Options

There are huge amounts of approaches to watch the PPV primary card today evening time, highlighting the previously stated 205-pound interval title standoff amongst “Bones” and “OSP.”

You can ring Comcast or your nearby link and/or satellite supplier (DirecTV, DISH Network, and so forth.) and request the PPV on your TV. For the Internet people among us, you can likewise stream the occasion on your PCs utilizing UFC.tv, YouTube.com or U-Verse, among others.

Also, in case you’re truly after all other options have been exhausted, you can watch UFC 197 on your cellular telephone through the Google Play and AppStore (and Apple TV) or even on Roku. Gamers can likewise get the UFC 197 activity on Xbox and PS3/PS4 with the assistance of their computer game consoles.

Need to watch UFC 197 at a nearby bar or motion picture theater? Discover which foundations close you are demonstrating the battles today evening time right here.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you require your UFC 197 results at the earliest opportunity, for nothing, MMAmania.com will convey up-to-the-moment comes about and live battle scope, including round-by-round, pass up blow scope of all the “Lawler versus Condit” activity some time recently, amid and after the occasion RIGHT HERE.

Definite UFC 197 PPV (Inter)National Programming Options


Kodi add-ons that will definitely show PPV UFC & Boxing events and then on the day of the events more information will be added.

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These add-ons will (or usually do) show the Werdum vs Velasquez UFC 196 event on Feb 7th


Moneysports in HD

Zem TV Sports > UniTV Sports > BT Sports 2 link 2 v8

UK Turk PlaylistSports > BT Sport 2


NJM Extra Time > BT Sports 2 & Extra Time > Fox Sports 1 USA

Halow LiveLive Sport > BT Sport 2

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PPV on UFC.tv: Available in Latin America

PPV on YouTube: United States, Canada, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,

Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia, Argentina, Mexico

Avoided Countries: United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East.


North America

Joined States – PPV

Canada – RDS 2

Focal/South America

Brazil – Combate, TV Globo

Mexico – UFC Network

Argentina – UFC Network

Bolivia – Red Uno

Chile – UFC Network, VIA X

Colombia – UFC Network, Cosmovision

Ecuador – UFC Network

Honduras – Teleprogreso

Panama – UFC Network

Paraguay – UFC Network, Telefuturo

Peru – UFC Network, America TV

Dominican Republic – UFC Network

Venezuela – UFC Network

Pacific Rim

Australia – Main Event

New Zealand – Sky TV

Brunei – FOX South East Asia (Delayed)

Cambodia – FOX South East Asia and Hang Meas (Delayed)

China – Star Sports China (FOX SEA) (Delayed), BesTV, Guangdong TV Sports (Delayed), PPTV and LETV

Hong Kong – FOX South East Asia

India – Sony KIK

Indonesia – FOX South East Asia, MNC and RCTI (Delayed)

Japan – WOWOW

Macau – FOX South East Asia

Malaysia – FOX South East Asia (Delayed)

Micronesia – FOX South East Asia

Mongolia – Sansar HD

Myanmar – FOX South East Asia

Palau – FOX South East Asia

Papua New Guinea – FOX South East Asia

Philippines – Balls and ABS CBN Sports and Action

Singapore – FOX South East Asia

South Korea – Superaction SPOTV Plus

Thailand – FOX South East Asia and RS Channel 8

Vietnam – FOX South East Asia

Europe/Middle East/Africa

Joined Kingdom/Northern Ireland – BT Sport 2

Algeria – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Angola – FOX Sports Africa

Armenia – Setanta Sports

Austria – P7S1/Maxdome

Azerbaijan – Setanta Sports

Bahrain – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Belarus – Setanta Sports

Belgium – Kombat Sport (Near Live)

Benin – FOX Sports Africa

Botswana – FOX Sports Africa

Burkina Faso – FOX Sports Africa

Burundi – FOX Sports Africa

Cameroon – FOX Sports Africa

Cape Verde – FOX Sports Africa

Focal African Republic – FOX Sports Africa

Chad – FOX Sports Africa and Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Comoros – FOX Sports Africa

Comoros Islands – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Congo Democratic Republic – FOX Sports Africa

Congo Republic – FOX Sports Africa

Ivory Coast – FOX Sports Africa

Croatia – Fight Channel

Czech Republic and Slovakia – Nova Sport (Delayed)

Denmark – Canal 8 Sport

Djibouti – FOX Sports Africa and Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Egypt – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Central Guinea – FOX Sports Africa

Eritrea – FOX Sports Africa

Ethiopia – FOX Sports Africa

France – Kombat Sport (Near Live)

Gabon – FOX Sports Africa

Gambia – FOX Sports Africa

Georgia – Setanta Sports

Ghana – FOX Sports Africa

Guinea – FOX Sports Africa

Guinea Bissau – FOX Sports Africa

Iceland – 365 Media

Iraq – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Ireland – Setanta Sports and TV3 (Delayed)

Israel – Sport 5

Italy – FOX Sports Italy

Jordan – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Kazakhstan – Setanta Sports

Kenya – FOX Sports Africa

Kuwait – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Kyrgyzstan – Setanta Sports

Lebanon – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Lesotho – FOX Sports Africa

Liberia – FOX Sports Africa

Luxembourg – Kombat Sport Near

Madagascar – FOX Sports Africa

Malawi – FOX Sports Africa

Mali – FOX Sports Africa

Mauritania – FOX Sports Africa and Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Mauritius – FOX Sports Africa

Mayotte – FOX Sports Africa

Moldova – Setanta Sports

Morocco – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Mozambique – FOX Sports Africa

Namibia – FOX Sports Africa

Netherlands – FOX Sports Netherlands

Niger – FOX Sports Africa

Nigeria – FOX Sports Africa

Norway – CMore

Oman – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Palestine – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Poland – Extreme TV

Portugal – Benfica TV

Qatar – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Gathering – FOX Sports Africa

Russia – NTVplus/Match TV

Rwanda – FOX Sports Africa

San Marino – FOX Sports Italy

Sao Tome and Principe – FOX Sports Africa

Saudi Arabia – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Senegal – FOX Sports Africa

Seychelles – FOX Sports Africa

Sierra Leone – FOX Sports Africa

Somalia – FOX Sports Africa

South Africa – FOX Sports Africa

South Sudan – FOX Sports Africa

Spain – Marca

St Helena – FOX Sports Africa

Sudan – FOX Sports Africa

Swaziland – FOX Sports Africa

Sweden – TV4 (CMore)

Tajikistan – Setanta Sports

Tanzania – FOX Sports Africa

Togo – FOX Sports Africa Live

Tunisia – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Turkmenistan – Setanta Sports

Joined Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Uganda – FOX Sports Africa

Uzbekistan – Setanta Sports

Vatican City – FOX Sports Italy

Western Sahara – FOX Sports Africa

Yemen – Abu Dhabi Sports 6

Zambia – FOX Sports Africa

Zimbabwe – FOX Sports Africa

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