KODI – Complete Setup Guide April 2016 (Fire Stick – Fire TV)

This is a complete setup guide to install Kodi and Fire TV Starter. This tutorial was created by people requesting a complete video for the best setup for Kodi and a complete setup for Kodi under 10 minutes!

Easiest way to watch TV, this is all your really need.

The following links were used in making this video:

http://bit.ly/yesfire1 – for firestarter..
http://kodi.tv – for downloading the latest version of Kodi
http://fusion.tvaddons.ag – installing their build and addon.

Please Note:

*WARNING* Some of these addons may allow you to view media that you may not own or have access to. Kodi is only a program that allows you to watch tv shows and movies. Fusion is not part of Kodi and 3rd party addons are not part of the kodi foundation.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

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