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Evolve Add-On on KODI “Competition for Phoenix” | Review + How to Install? (New Instructions Below)

It’s a newly released add on in the community, but it already has a lot to offer. Is it any

Durex Build (Kodi Setup Wizard) “Has Working STALKER Free” | Review + How to Install?

Durex is new to the Kodi scene, and it’s lack on the looks, but is it any good? Watch this

Sports Access [IPTV] on KODI | REVIEW Pt. 2 (10% Discount Code Inside)

Sports Access is a premium IPTV services for users who wish to pay a small fee for HD quality. Watch

Champion Sports [IPTV] on KODI | Review + How to Install?

@championsports88 brings to the Kodi Community a Sports add-on to watch a large listing of IPTV streams. Watch this video

NTV: RyskiFlix Build (Kodi Setup Wizard) “One of the Best” | Review + How to Install?

Ryski , the creator of Simplicity Build and from Notorious TV, does it again with this new build called RyskiFlix

Stalker Plus on KODI | Setup Guide “Add-On” Pt. 1 (Discount Inside)

This is part 1 of a 4 part series on how to setup IPTV Stalker. In this video, I’ll show

1Channel [KODI] : “Playback Error FIX” + How to Install?

From time to time, add-ons in the community goes out and people panic like headless chickens. Needless to say, the

Trojan Build (Kodi Setup Wizard) | Review + How to Install?

Durex is back with his Trojan Build. Watch this video as I tell you my thoughts on it and how

AURA Media TV box | Review + Unboxing ($25.00 Discount for all Subscribers)

@Auramediatvbox sent me a copy of their TV Set-Top-Box called Aura Live. It focuses on Live-TV, comes with KODI

Eurovision Song Contest [Add-On] on KODI | Review + How to Install?

SkyMashiTV is at it again with a new addition to the Kodi community. Persons who are fans of this show